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Castagnole Monferrato Ruche 2015 Crivelli

Castagnole Monferrato Ruche 2015 Crivelli

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Castagnole Monferrato Ruche 2014/15 Crivelli

Product Description

Grape: Ruche
Region: Italy> Piedmonte> Castagnole Monferrato
Notes: No Oak, Organic Farming

Description: The history and origins of Ruche wine are still a mystery. The name may come from “rocke” (rocks) considering that this type of vine can tolerate dry weather and be planted in calcareous and clay soil without any loss to the fruit. It is a wine of vibrant red color with violet tones in its youth. Its classic aroma is of geranium leaves. The mouthfeel is lush with very light acidity and rich texture. Marco Maria Crivelli is the president of the association of Ruche’ producers, a small group of farmers who fervently believe in the excellence of this rare grape varietal, indigenous to the province of Asti. His ancestors had planted vineyards in 1919, but the bottling of their wine began only in 1989.

Food Pairing: Game, Charcuterie, Aged Cheese.