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Warwick American Dry Rustic Gin 750ml (80 Proof)

Warwick American Dry Rustic Gin 750ml (80 Proof)

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Warwick American Dry Rustic Gin 750ml (80 Proof)

Product Description

Strength: 40% ABV (80 proof)

Although several different styles of gin have evolved, it is legally differentiated into four categories in the European Union, which are described as follows.(1)Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks
this includes the earliest class of gin, which is produced by pot distilling a fermented grain mash to moderate strength (e.g. 68% ABV), and then redistilling it with botanicals to extract the aromatic compounds. It must be bottled at a minimum of 30% ABV.
(2) Wacholder, or Genebra gin this is a juniper-flavoured spirit made not via the redistillation of botanicals, but by simply adding approved natural flavouring substances to a neutral spirit of agricultural origin. The predominant flavour must be juniper.
(3) Distilled gin is produced exclusively by redistilling ethanol of agricultural origin with an initial strength of 96% ABV (the azeotrope of water and ethanol) in stills traditionally used for gin, in the presence of juniper berries and of other natural botanicals, provided that the juniper taste is predominant. Gin obtained simply by adding essences or flavourings to ethanol of agricultural origin is not distilled gin.
(4) London Gin: is obtained exclusively from ethanol of agricultural origin with a maximum methanol content of 5 grams per hectolitre of 100% ABV equivalent, whose flavour is introduced exclusively through the re-distillation in traditional stills of ethanol in the presence of all the natural plant materials used, the resultant distillate of which is at least 70% ABV. London gin may not contain added sweetening exceeding 0.1 grams of sugars per litre of the final product, nor colorants, nor any added ingredients other than water. The term London gin may be supplemented by the term "dry".
In the EU, the minimum bottled alcoholic strength for gin, distilled gin, and London gin is 37.5% ABV.

In the United States, gin is defined as an alcoholic beverage of no less than 40% ABV (80 proof) that possesses the characteristic flavour of juniper berries. Gin produced only through distillation or redistillation of aromatics with an alcoholic wash can be further distinguished and marketed as "distilled gin".

Some legal classifications define gin as only originating from specific geographical areas without any further restrictions (e.g. Plymouth gin, Ostfriesischer Korngenever, Slovenská borovička, Kraški Brinjevec, etc.), while other common descriptors refer to classic styles that are culturally recognized, but not legally defined (e.g., sloe gin, Wacholder and Old Tom gin).

Notes: Wheat based gin distilled in a single column still. Juniper, Lemon peel, Lime peel , Anise, Corriander, and Angelica root are the botanicals. Excellent aromas of citrus lemon and Juniper. Good for cocktails.

Classic Gin: A clear spirit which derives its predominant flavor from Juniper berries. Produced through distallation or redsitaillaton of aromatics with an base from grain or malt.